miinu rugs

When it came to finding a rug collection to carry, we knew fairly instantly when we saw miinu at a show in Paris that they were the perfect brand to accompany not only Camerich furniture, but our accessories collections as well. With a tight focus on craft and a singular aesthetic, miinu’s rugs are inviting, interesting, and unlike anything else. Shown above, the Refinery rug (purple) under the Camerich Lazy Time Sofa, and the Evolution rug (light grey) under the Camerich Crescent Bed.

As they say: “From day one at miinu, traditional craftsmanship was carried over into modern times. The first miinu carpet was called Industrial. Over a period of up to 6 months, 50 year-old handmade oriental carpets were treated to repeated coatings of yoghurt and lemon juice, and then laid out to bleach in the scorching hot sun.

The main reason for this is the craftsmanship. miinu carpets are still made by hand. Too much is lost if you machine produce. And for miinu the quality ladder is there to ascend, never descend. Sounds presumptuous, but if standards aren’t hung high, there’ll never amount to much.” Shown above, the Solution T rug with the Camerich Amor Sofa.

“And to reach those goals, miinu relies on the expertise and infinite experience of specialists from all over the world and their knowledge of traditional carpet craftsmanship. No-one can overcast better than this one family business in Nepal, no-one can dye carpets the way our partners in Portugal do, and after many centuries, the secret Indian craft of carpet weaving with natural fibres still remains unequalled in its delicacy anywhere outside of the subcontinent.” Shown above, the Metronic Vol III rug under the Camerich Casa Sofa.

“The carpets are a living testament to these ‘loving hands’.

Even if they are destined to be trodden on.” Shown above, the Step by Step rug under the Camerich Rubix Sofa and Atelier Areti Half Pipe table.


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