Schoos Design talks Camerich SF

We love Schoos Design. Founded by Thomas Schoos, their studio is eclectic AND modern, forward-thinking and traditional, and above all else, their interiors are chic and inviting. From hospitality to residential, big projects to small, they are always innovative and interesting.

We have worked with them since we opened Camerich LA (before Camerich SF!), and Schoos Design CEO Michael Berman was kind enough to chat with us about their projects, and about working with us! Shown above and below, Austin’s Searsucker Restaurant, featuring Camerich sofas.

Camerich SF: We love your chic and luxurious take on eclecticism, and how bold and elegant your projects are. How does Camerich furniture fit into this process?

Michael Berman: Camerich has a wide range of styles and fabrics, making it easy to use their furniture in our designs.  We like furniture pieces to make a statement without overpowering the room.  Their modern, yet comfortable, designs achieve that goal.

The Ellipsis Restaurant, Mumbai, featuring Camerich sofas.

CSF: How important is customization important to you in your projects?

MB: We view ourselves as trend-leaders, rather than trend followers.  We never want our clients to feel like they’re getting something they saw someplace else.  Being able to customize is key to our operations.

The Norah Restaurant, West Hollywood, featuring Camerich sofas.

CSF: Can you tell us a little bit about the projects we are featuring here? About the selections, finishes, decisions, etc?

MB: In each of these projects, the intention was to have the customer “want” to sit there, and keep them there while they have drinks, appetizers, or even dinner.

When we selected the sofas for Searsucker Restaurants, we knew people would often be waiting a long time for their tables.  The sofas needed to be both comfortable and versatile, so the staff could alter the area according to the crowd.

We chose leather for the sofa at Norah Restaurant, which gave an elegant background for fun pillows.

Broadstone Corsair is an apartment complex designed to feel like a hotel, with amenity rooms that are frequently used by their tenants.  In this case, modern simplicity to go with the eclectic surroundings was the key.

Above and below, the Broadstone Corsair Residences, San Diego, featuring Camerich sofas.

CSF: What do you like best about working with Camerich SF?

MB: What ultimately keeps us coming back to a vendor is the customer service.  From quotes to manufacturing to delivery… Camerich SF has always delivered promptly and professionally.

Thank you Michael!

Be sure and check out Schoos Design and their other projects here.

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