The Camerich San Francisco showroom will open in March 2018 and is helmed by design industry veteran and San Franciscan Budi Laksana in collaboration with Camerich Los Angeles partners Michael Lin and Stephen Bianchi. Together, the trio collaborated with Camerich and all of the brands they work with to create a showroom that is unique, special and the only one of its kind internationally. As Stephen notes: “San Francisco was our natural progression on the West Coast. The collection we have built in Los Angeles resonates with directional designers and with San Francisco being so design centric, it makes sense to bring that offering here. In coming up north we decided to seek out a larger space, 4,430 sqft, so that we can display both more of the Camerich collection but also bring in larger offerings from other brands we carry.”

As a flagship showroom, they are equipped to accommodate custom requests including size, materials finish, fabrics, and color, allowing the client to best express themselves within the directional design of Camerich. Additionally, the showroom will host a Hering Berlin shop in shop dedicated to Berliners Stefanie Hering and Wiebke Lehmann’s beautiful porcelain creations. Along with their stunning, detail oriented objects, the showroom will also stock the full range of plating and serving ware, making the collection perfect for not only residential but also larger hospitality projects: the plates and serving dishes are already used in Michelin-starred restaurants around the globe.  

Camerich San Francisco will be continuing the relationship that Camerich Los Angeles has with Atelier Areti, and will boast an expanded selection of both lighting and furniture from the collection, with customization being available and encouraged. As an exclusive to the Camerich San Francisco location, there will also be a full representation of the outdoor furniture collection from Gloster. Michael, Stephen, and Budi have all had Gloster outdoor pieces for years, so when the opportunity came to carry an outdoor collection, and show it in a dedicated space, they all knew instantly that it should be Gloster and its chic, organic minimalism.

To fully communicate a modern lifestyle, Budi, Michael and Stephen know unique accessories are an important part of telling the story. The collections that they carry speak to the special nature of the showroom: Bosa’s high design Venetian ceramics, GUAXS’ limited edition glass objects, miinu’s artfully expressive and expertly crafted rugs, and Vanessa Mitrani’s elegant and experimental glass pieces. Each collection is curated to stand on its own, and act as accent pieces to the Camerich collection, allowing clients to design and furnish projects from beginning to end.